Legendary Football Star –Eusébio da Silva Ferreira

The legendary football star Eusébio da Silva Ferreira, born on January 25, 1942, is a striker of Portuguese team. He spent an extremely poor childhood with the only toy made by rags. Although he haven’t received professional training, his techniques were improved increasingly, no one surpassing him in his hometown.

In 1960, he caught the attentions of several famous football club, becoming a sought-after footballer among these clubs. In the end, Benfica cost a large sum of money to sign Eusébio. In this case, 17-year-old boy left from Mozambique to the coveted Lisbon, becoming a member of club Benfica.

Short after join in Benfica, he participated in a matches against Santos. In the second half, Eusébio won three goals for his team. The “Black Panthers” lived up to all people’s expectations. Upon he joined in Benfica, there are more pressure for defenders of Santos. The match is just like a gift present to Benfica at the first meeting, winning three goals and leveling the score by himself.

Eusébio became a pillar footballer of Benfica, which rose in a short time and became a top-flight football club of Portugal. With the supports of Eusébio, Portugal national football team reached its peak in the team’s history. For rich experience, universal techniques, dynamic energy, swift running and sharp assaults, the technical level of the “Black Panthers” reached the highest level in his playing career.

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